Easy Step to Replacing Your Car’s Tail Lights

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Replacing Car's Tail Lights

A trouble-free way to change the look of the vehicle is to replace the tail lights on a car. The aftermarket styles of tail-light housing are very trendy and can be easily added to the vehicle.

One should know how tail lights are replaced, this will be helpful to make sure that one stays visible to other road users. It makes difficult for brake lights to be monitored because of being situated in the rear of a car and they can be subjected to every type of flying debris. They have more chances of burning out than headlights. Some tail lights can be accessed by just removing the lens cover from the car’s outside while others involve bulbs that can just be unscrewed by accessing the trunk of the vehicle. Follow the simple directions to replace the taillights.

Tools Needed:

1. Wrenches
2. Screwdriver


Step 1:
Before the task is started, switch off the engine and make sure the headlamps are also off. This makes certain that no power will be supplied towards the tail lamps.

Step 2:
The vehicle’s trunk has to be opened for accessing the backside of the door where the tail lights are positioned.

Step 3:
Any paneling coming in the way should be removed for accessing the backside of the tail lights. Many panels can be easily removed by putting pressure or removing a few screws.

Step 4:
Now the wires and the tail-light bulbs have to be removed from the tail-light housings.

Step 5:
The tail lights must be unscrewed or unbolted from your vehicle. Only a few nuts hold them to the body.

Step 6:
The old tail-light can be now replaced with the new light. Pull from the car’s outside for removing the old one. Then simply install the new one.

Step 7:
The fresh housing must be secured with screws, bolts, and nuts which were designed for holding that old one.

Step 8:
The wires and bulbs can be now reattached to the new housing.

Step 9:
Currently, paneling could be replaced that have been removed earlier for accessing the tail-light, then close the baggage.

Step 10:
Finally, after installing the tail lights, they can be tested to ensure that they are working properly

Tips and Precautions:

-There is a possibility that aftermarket tail-lights can be illegal in some areas.
– Check the local law enforcement departments to be sure.
-By building the aftermarket tail lights, the vehicle provides a being bold look than usual. Make sure you are prepared for the additional attention from car fans and thieves also.
-It must be remembered that you are also handling an electrical system. It is strongly recommended that the battery is disconnected before starting the task.
-Even though the electrical system of a taillight is merely 12 volts, a high-quality car battery has adequate electric power to damage a screwdriver and even kill a person.

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