The Estimate Brake Pads Cost and Shall I Replace my Brakes, Discs or Rotors?

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The Estimate Brake Pads Cost and Shall I Replace My Brakes, Discs or Rotors

Brakes and brake components can be costly. It makes sense to do your research before deciding which brake pads, brake discs (also known as brake rotors) to purchase for your car, and whether you should change your brake pads or brake discs yourself.

The first big point is – never try to save money by not changing your brake pads or discs! At the end of the day if your brakes fail or are significantly underperforming then you risk the safety of yourself and whoever you have in your car. Also on safety, there is a wide range of quality of products on the market – some of which have been known to fail completely under heavy use! It has even been observed that the material used on cheap, poor quality pads can come away from the pad itself – a scary proposition that should remind us all that cheapest is not necessarily the best value.

Doing a ‘Brake Job’, or changing brakes, discs or rotors yourself can be easier than you think – and there are many guides available on how to do this. Changing them yourself could save you a decent amount of money – perhaps from £100 upwards depending on what car you drive and which garage you take it to. It can also be very rewarding completing your own car maintenance – and changing brake pads is relatively easy – probably easier than you think!

It may scare many people away from DIY maintenance on the car when they don’t have the necessary tools. However, these can either be borrowed or purchased at a low price from decent retailers. Also, many brake jobs don’t require any tools at all – however, it is worth researching what is required for your particular brake job before deciding your next steps.

The actual process of learning how to complete a car DIY task, doing it and seeing it succeed is a great feeling I know many car enthusiasts around the world share. But getting hands dirty is not for everyone, and a mechanic would gladly perform the task for you with ease.

Brakes and their components cost a hugely different amount of money. The price can depend on:

1. The type of brake pads, discs or rotors you require
2. The Performance level of the product
3. Which retailer you purchase from
4. What components you require – eg. Front brake pads, rear brake discs
5. What type of car you have
6. The quality of the brake pad, disc or rotor you require

Considering the above the price of brake components vary hugely, from £10 for a cheap set of brake pads to several thousand pounds/dollars for a set of high-performance brakes and discs/rotors for a Porsche GT3! Even for the Porsche mentioned, a huge range of manufacturers and types of brake products exist – and a lot of research will be well invested time to ensure you get the right components that will match your driving needs and safety!

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