Tips On How To Replace Your Wiper Blades Easily

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How To Replace Your Wiper Blades

I’ve had problems in the past replacing my wiper blades, so I wrote up this little guide to show you how easy it is once you know what to do. I go skiing a lot so I know how difficult it is to see in a snowstorm, not to mention through a cloudy windshield. Is there anything more annoying than wearing glasses with scratches or smudges on the lens? The difference between foggy glasses and wiper blades is that you can simply take off your glasses and wipe them on your shirt. You don’t have the same luxury if your wipers aren’t working. Visibility is crucial when you’re behind the wheel of a few thousand pound vehicle and a split second reaction could be the difference between safety and disaster. Here are a few easy instructions about how to replace your old wiper blades.

1.Raise your wiper blades from the windshield so that the pivot point locks the arms within an upright position. If they’re stuck, don’t force them. Some wipers have a locking tab on the base that you may need to release.

-Tip: If it is difficult to reach the blades, turn on your car’s ignition and flip on your wipers. Then shut off your car when the wipers are midstroke.

2.Check out the existing wiper blade attachment, in which the wiper blade meets the arm. You’ll now take away the old wiper. There is usually a tab to press that will allow the blade to disengage from arm. Some attachements possess a small metal bump and 2 an eye on each side. In such a case, press the tabs and pull to take off the blade.

3.Once you take the old blade off you might want to apply a little anti-seize compound. Check out the new blade–you should then either simply slide it to the arm or attach it by having an adapter that included it. Give the new blade a firm shove until it clicks into place.

4.Pat yourself on the back. That wasn’t so bad now was it?

If you have ever replaced your wiper blades before you know it can be frustrating, but once you know how to do it, it’s a breeze. I can remember the first time I went to replace mine. I swung with a local auto store and grabbed the very first package of wiper blades I saw–big mistake. When I got home I ripped open the new pack and attempted to attach the new ones. In my haste I didn’t realize that cars come in different shapes and sizes, which inevitably means they have different parts. Duh. So you will want to measure your current wiper blades because they come in a variety of sizes. Also, just replace the whole wiper blade. I’ve heard some people trying to replace the rubber part and it just doesn’t make sense. The refills probably won’t fit perfectly, which translates to poor performance. I’m sure you have probably heard the previous advice, but here is a tip you might not have considered. Lay down a towel or pad on your windshield while you are changing the blades. If the wiper arm snaps down when there is no blade attached it can easily crack your windshield resulting in hundreds of dollars of damage.

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