4 Simple Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Trip Safer

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Car maintenance holds a very important role in how long you can keep your car run in a good performance. Most of us do it by taking our car to a workshop for a regular check. However, that’s not enough. As a driver and car owner, you also need to check the car personally. Here are some of the maintenance methods you can do yourself at home, to ensure your car is in good condition.

1. Check the Tires

Check the Tires

Do it every time you are going to drive it around. You don’t need to do a deep and detailed checking every time. Just take a look at your tire’s condition, especially the tread. Make sure the tread is still usable. You can check by using a coin and put it in the tread pattern.

If the coin can stand, it means the tread is safe to use. Otherwise, you can start to find a new tire replacement. And, do not forget to check the tires’ air pressure. Buy a portable tire gauge tool, for easy usage.

2. Check the Oil Levels

This is one of the easiest methods to maintain your car’s condition. Make sure that it has a good oil level. It becomes more important if you plan for a long trip using your car. A low oil level has a risk of engine damage, because of a lack of lubrication. When the engine is start and running, without proper lubrication, each part in it will create friction. It causes damage as well as fire because of the friction.

If you find out your car has low oil levels, buy the similar oil you used before. It helps the oil to mix and work easily. And, it also lowers the risk of a problem caused by the non-match formula of two different types of oil.

3. Check the Battery Contacts

Check the Battery Contacts
The most annoying thing could happen is when you start your car and it didn’t run at all. Mostly, it is caused by a running out battery or a dirty battery contact. For easy maintenance, you can check the battery contacts regularly. Clean it with a clean fabric or sandpaper, if necessary. Without accumulated dirt on its surface, you can keep your car running.

4. Check the Windshield Wipers

Check the Windshield Wipers
Bad or damaged windshield wipers can’t clean the water drop from the rain on the front window. The result is it becomes blurry. It is a dangerous situation when you drive at high speed. Your vision will be limited. And, it can cause an accident.

Treating windshield wipers is easy. You just need to wipe it with a damped cloth every day or every time you want to drive your car. But, if you find the wiper is damaged, it’s a good idea to buy the new one.

Those are simple methods and maintenance tips for your car. Do that regularly and make them your habit before going behind the wheel. All of them are helping your trip to be a safer and comfortable trip. Moreover, you also can save more money on car maintenance.

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