Everything You Should Do When DIY Car Brake Pads Replacement

Everything You Should Do When DIY Car Brake Pads Replacement

Brake pads are one of the most important parts of your vehicle that have a direct effect on the performance of your vehicle-stopping system. Brake pads need to be inspected regularly for any potential of napless. Usually, you could notice brake pad wear without needing to release the wheel. When the pads look thin, it indicates that they are almost worn out. You can also inspect the slot which is available in some types of brake pads. The fewer the slot remains, the more likely it wears out and needs change.

To change brake pads on your car, you need some car parts such as brake system cleaner, brake anti-squeal compound, high-temperature brake grease, and obviously new brake pads. You will also need some tools which include lug nut wrench, large C-Clamp, length of wire or bungee cords, jack and jack stands, wrench, socket, and Allen wrench or Torx wrench. The second tools rely on caliper design. Since the dust on the brake system and brake fluid are damaging to yourself, protect yourself with filtering mask, safety goggles, and perhaps gloves.

In the end, the brake parts and tools are positioned, so now you will be ready to replace your pads. Equip yourself with a program manual for the car type because it is significant for one safe and fix replacement.

1. Park your car on a flat surface, open the hood and find the brake master cylinder which is usually placed on the firewall on the driver’s side. Protect painted areas around the master cylinder by covering them. You will also need to remove half of the reservoir fluid to prevent fluid overflow when new pads are installed. Brake fluid is poisonous, so never siphon it with your mouth. If you use a turkey baster for the job, never again use the appliance for cooking.

2. Remove the wheels where you will install the new brake pads by loosening the wheel lug nuts, raising the front or rear part of your car, and securely supporting it on jack stands.

3. After the wheels are off, use the wrench to loosen the bolts holding the calipers. Lift the caliper from the brake rotor right after the bolts are released. You will notice that the caliper will still be connected with the brake line. Never let the caliper hang by the brake line as it can cause line brake damage and brake failure. Secure the caliper using the bungee cords to a nearby suspension component.

4. Once the caliper is removed, pull out the brake pad from the caliper. Inside the caliper, you will notice a cylindrical piston coming out. Hold the piston to its original position using a C-Clamp by pressing its end against the piston.

5. Replace the old pad with the new one. Apply anti-squeal compound on both sides of the new pads and high-temperature brake grease to the upper steering knuckle-to-caliper contact surface. Wait for a few minutes to let the coats to set up before putting back the brake pad and the caliper to their original place. Return all the other car parts and test the brake before bringing your car to roads.

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