Why Today’s 4-Cycle Makita Leaf Blowers?

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Why Today's 4-Cycle Makita Leaf Blowers

The leaf blower that you thought had years of life still left in it has died on you, so now you’re surfing around on the net in search of a new one to buy. So then, why should you consider Makita four cycle leaf blowers?

So What’s Better About 4 Stroke Motors?

Perhaps you’re wondering what the differences are between a four cycle motor on a Makita, and the two cycle motor on the blower that just broke down on you? The truth is that there are several key differences, and they are in fact why Makita uses four stroke motors.

They Last Considerably Longer

Two-cycle motors have higher RPM ratings. That is the tendency to spin very fast. However; they have well-earned reputations for being prone to break downs, and having short lifespans. They are like a small animal with a high metabolism.

2 Stroke Motors “Live Fast Die Young”

Two stroke motors are also cheaper to build and cheaper to sell. So manufacturers and bargain shoppers tend to prefer them. A few years later, when it has run through its life expectancy, people can just head on back and buy another cheap replacement power tool.

One Notable Benefit of Earlier Models

The one benefit that these lighter, cheaper motors always had in years past, was that they required much simpler carburetor systems. Fuel intake systems on two-cycle motors basically squirt vaporized fuel directly into the chamber, while a 4-stroke motor carburetor is more like the one on a car. The motors have more than one piston, and use gas far “more efficiently”, but their little carburetors also tended to be more complex.

Carburetors on Today’s Makita Leaf Blowers

That’s all in the past though now because today’s new carburetors on the smaller four stroke motors you’ll find on Makita leaf blowers are state of the art. They’re less complex, far more reliable, and far less fickle. They also use about half the amount of gas as a comparable two-cycle motor.

The Gas Savings Alone Pays for the Leaf Blower

In fact, two-cycle motors require oil blended gas, and four-stroke motors don’t. So the four-stroke motors on Makita leaf blowers are cheaper and easier to gas up. They also use about 50% less gas per hour and that’s a log of savings over the life of the machine.

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